About Heilig & Partners

Heilig & Partners Pty Ltd is a Brisbane based, Australian company formed in July 2002 to provide technical consulting and vibration monitoring services to the extractive and civil industries.

The principal, Dr John Heilig, consulted for other major consulting organisations for the previous 18 years during which time he developed a thorough understanding of drilling and blasting and construction, including the environmental effects related to such. Dr Heilig has consulted on more than 500 projects involving both small and large companies, private and government groups, quarries, mines and civil companies in Australia, Asia Pacific, South Africa, North America and Europe.

Heilig & Partners Pty Ltd offer consulting services in all areas associated with drilling and blasting and vibration analysis. Experience gained from the diversified consulting exercises at numerous operations in many countries is applied to provide a solid and supportable argument for the particular case. Heilig & Partners Pty. Ltd. use software, vibration monitoring equipment and a database of the world's best practices to assess the problem in terms of the client's objectives and to provide an engineered basis for design.

Specialist Consultants in Vibration Monitoring and Analysis

To complement the consulting services to the mining, quarrying, civil and construction groups, Heilig & Partners Pty. Ltd. also addresses vibration monitoring and the implications induced by hydraulic hammering, vibratory rolling, tunnel boring machines, road headers, drilling, pile driving etc. Heilig & Partners Pty. Ltd. provides both equipment and independent auditing and reporting of measured results to demonstrate the degree of compliance with any imposed criteria.

Missions & Strategies

  • The focus of Heilig & Partners Pty Ltd in the market is to meet the immediate and future design engineering requirements and vibration monitoring needs of the construction, mining, and quarrying industries.
  • The objective of Heilig & Partners Pty Ltd is to foster the relationship with clients through the development of the business as the premier supplier of consulting services to the construction, civil and quarrying industries in the area of blast design, vibration monitoring and overpressure assessment.
  • Heilig & Partners Pty Ltd operates in accordance with the highest standards in every relationship with clients and suppliers.
  • Heilig & Partners Pty Ltd places a very high value on client satisfaction achieved through practical, suitable and cost effective outcomes provided in a timely and professional manner.
  • All company procedures, vibration monitoring and other equipment used by Heilig & Partners Pty Ltd have been selected to comply with recognised quality control standards.
  • To maintain the high standards, continual professional development is incorporated into the company schedule.